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Experts in digital marketing, revenue generating websites, advertising, content and web solutions.

Volt Africa is a proudly African digital service provider based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our team comprises of highly skilled and knowledgeable individuals who form the backbone of the company. We are a diverse group that specialises in creating customised digital strategies and 360-degree solutions for your brand.

It’s never about the end result, it’s always about your digital journey with us. We offer a 360-degree suite of digital solutions with strategic intent every step of the way. Through our integrated digital services and network, we offer a strategic approach that mixes the best in digital marketing, advertising, content and web solutions.








Our integrated digital services


We offer your brand a 360-degree digital solution roadmap across our vast publisher network community.

Content Strategy

We develop digital brand strategies to improve business performance and create competitive advantages.

Creative Design

We create digital and print content that reaches the right audience with the desired impact.

Digital Revenue Solutions

We help you understand which audience segments will enhance your brand and increase your revenue.

Digital Development

A team of highly skilled website managers analyse, improve and advance your online presence.

Video Solutions

We are digital artists and film producers and present your brand through visuals, animation and graphic designs.

Social Media

We help analyse which platform resonates with your brand and help create high quality communities.

Marketing Strategy

We develop strategies that resonates with not only the values of your brand but on analytics and consumer needs.

Outsourced Sales Team

We support brands with our outsourced sales team, to sell ad inventory, or physical and digital products.

Want to understand how the publisher network works?

We work with publishing groups such as Conde Nast whose titles include Glamour, House & Garden and GQ.

Other online portals specialising in property (IOL Property), employment (Talent360), opinion (Voices360) and motoring (Drive360) fall within our network providing extended opportunities for enhancing your brand’s online presence.

Growing Publishers and Content Producers

We offer premium, mobile, native programmatic advertising solutions via our premium Google Ad Manager, ad operations team.

Powerful tools to grow your business.
Know your audiences — and their value.
Manage your advertising deals with more control.
Deliver beautiful ad experiences.

Take advantage of our Audience Network

Create unique content to grow your brands by advertising smartly with targeted audience segmented channels.

Make every advert count.
Ride the rise of video marketing.
Move from data to insights.
Make the most of every impression.

The extended sales team with a difference

Consider us an extended sales arm, with all the tech, resources and networks to reach the audience and generate the revenue goals you forecast.

Promote services and technology with ease.
Take advantage of our audience network.
Sales consists of Telephonic, Field Agents and Business Development Specialists.
Detailed quality insights, lead forms and reports.

Better Data Tools for Smarter Decisions

Get the tools you need to turn raw data into powerful insights. Our powerful analytics and proactive advertising insights can help you make smarter decisions.

Surface advertising insights easily.
Forecast your advertising spend needs to maximise reach.
Bring your data together and analyse smarter.
Create quality insights from reports.
How can we power your digital ambition?

Our team of experts and strategists offer a holistic range of sales, content and marketing packages to improve audience reach and conversions on your platform.