Unboxing videos have become an effective and popular way for brands to showcase their products on social media. Unboxing videos are when bands use social media influencers to market their products by posting videos of the influencer unwrapping the new product that they’re curious or excited about. Simple but effective.

Originally focused on fashion or high-tech products (i.e Apple gadgets) these videos have now extended to luxury goods, food, beauty products, and even outdoor gear.

Unboxing videos give the viewer the opportunity to get an idea of what to expect should they make the purchase. It must tug on the heart strings so the viewer can envision what that moment will be like for them when they have the product in their hands. A lot like opening one’s christmas presents it’s the excitement that draws viewers in.

When a brand sends the influencer a product to unbox their review of the product has to be honest and from the perspective of a first time buyer. It has to be as authentic to the influencer’s brand so the viewer trusts the review. This is best achieved through brand alignment.

From Instagram to YouTube, brands have an opportunity to reach more customers and increase sales and consumer trust via influencer marketing. Most consumers trust influencers and peer recommendations more than advertisements made by brands. This makes unboxing videos one of the more genuine and relatable marketing tools for almost any product.

If you’ve ever thought of incorporating this into your business’ marketing strategy, here are a few things you need to know:
1. Do your research
Make sure that the influencer/s you select is aligned with your business and brand. The partnership needs to appear seamless and authentic. Influencers usually have a niche so consider that fall within yours and try to make sure that they’re a diverse group if there’s more than one.
2. Get good equipment

It’s called an ‘unboxing video’ so if you don’t have a good quality video to show your audience the fine details, they may miss the details they are looking for. Ideally, a good camera, microphone, and even a tripod will go a long way in providing value to your productions.
3.Find the best shooting place
The best shooting place should be rich in light. And perhaps, have it themed. The setting is important for the visuals.

4. Engage with viewers.
Make sure there is engagement. All questions need to be answered and comments attended to. Viewers may have some valuable feedback for you if you create an environment where their views are heard.

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