Volt Africa takes home two awards at International News Media Global Media Awards for “Best new initiative to empower and retain talent and Best in Africa ward.

As the world’s leading provider in the best global practices for media and news companies, the International News Media Association (INMA), is a key player in providing essential resources to media and news companies who want and aim to provide quality journalism and quality content. 

With access to thousands of ideas and constantly inspiring change, INMA makes it possible for media and news companies to engage and exchange various ideas and initiatives. With an aim to recognise, respect, and showcase prestige towards media and news companies, INMA’s Global Media Awards has attracted more than 5000 entries in the past decade.

Unlocking the door to a whole new world of ideas, innovations and creativity, INMA honours and rewards media and news companies, who showcase innovative ideas that yield breakthrough results. 

Postponed in late April, due to the current Covid-19 crisis, INMA has unveiled the 32 first place winners across 16 categories and two audience groups, in a Google News live broadcast.

This year, the light shines on Volt Africa, a proudly African digitally integrated service provider. With experts in digital marketing, content creators, revenue-generating websites, advertising and web solutions, the team’s perseverance and dedication in providing the best 360-digital solutions and digital strategies have earned the company the award for the “Best new initiative to empower and retain talent.”

By developing a business model which was set to grow into something new, Volt Africa has injected new life into its employees by partnering specialised, advanced digital technology companies to become more than just banner ad specialists. These partnerships were then used to train the staff and educate employees in these new technologies.

By retaining today’s modern workforce and remaining digitally focused, Volt Africa has been rewarded for its structured initiative, that has not only motivated and engaged the modern employee but has also empowered and retained that employee. 

With a mission to inspire, grow and nurture Africa’s digital ambition through one millennial at a time, Volt Africa has showcased that, out of the box thinking, creativity and hard work can lead to success.