The 4th Industrial Revolution means that technology is constantly evolving and so is the way we work, live and communicate with one another. So, we all have no choice but to adapt.

Digital disruption has blurred the lines in every industry and new technologies are constantly opening us up to new worlds of possibilities in new markets and economic growth. The flip side of the coin means that one needs to stay a step ahead and consistently keep up with the digital marketing trends. Concerning when one considers the fact that according to an Econsultancy report only 87% of businesses recognise digital training as a high priority.

The future of tech at Volt Africa

The youth are the future and we know it. Which is why we have created a digital incubator and talent pool where we educate and upskill youth to equip them with the tools they’ll need to not only tackle but set the digital trends and future directions in tech.

Volt Africa launched the Digital Lab Internship Programme in 2017. In 2020 the programme won the “Best new initiative to empower and retain talent” award, presented by the world’s leading provider in the best global practices for media and news companies, the International News Media Association (INMA).

With a focus on 5 key areas, Digital Lab Manager Zizipho Dyubeni states, “ The Digital Lab offers skills and training and work experience opportunities to 15 interns in digital areas, which include SEO, Social Paid Media, Brand and User Experience. The group is also exposed to Independent Online course material, blended learning workshops, and real-live projects.”

The programme fulfills its role by having interns take approved courses like Google Analytics and social media courses geared at further enhancing their skills while creating and enabling an environment for practical application of things learned within a live-work environment.

With its main focus around driving innovative problem solving using digital marketing tools and the programmes blended learning style, it is clear to see that the Digital Lab is designed to nurture a culture of entrepreneurship and covers all the aspects of digital.

With a mission to inspire, grow and nurture Africa’s digital ambitions one generation at a time, Volt Africa has showcased that innovation, dedication and creativity can lead to success and a bright future for tech in Africa.