Provide your business with further opportunities when you open up an create an Instagram shop. Curated according to your audience’s lifestyle, Instagram shop is easy, effective and convenient.

With nearly 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, both large and small businesses have started incorporating Instagram’s shopping feature in their online marketing strategy and you should too. Creating a more streamlined way for users to discover shoppable products, the Instagram shopping feature steers towards an on the go e-commerce consisting of a lifestyle-orientated curation, providing businesses with further opportunities to generate sales.


However, if you’re new to the Instagram world, don’t worry we’ve listed everything you need to know on how to become part of this exciting online shopping market.

Getting started

Firstly, make sure that you have the latest version of the Instagram app and convert your personal account to a business account. Once you’ve done this, you would then need to become an admin of a business manager account or page and create a product catalogue.

After these steps, you would then need to enable the business Instagram shopping feature. To do this, simply open the Instagram app, tap your Instagram profile situated at the bottom of your screen then tap the icon in the top right corner. 

Once completed, tap Settings, then tap Business then tap Set up Instagram Shopping. Lastly, tap Continue and select a product catalogue to connect to your professional account. By having a product catalogue on a business manager account or a responsive website for your brand, you’ll be able to showcase your credibility to potential consumers.

Once you’ve completed this step, Tap Done. If you don’t see shopping, don’t panic, your account is probably still under review and may take a few days to be processed and approved by Instagram. 

Once your Instagram shop is approved, All you have to do is post Insta worthy images of your business and its products and add tags to items that are available for online shopping. 

When a potential buyer is interested in the product that you posted, they would simply tap on the image to view the display tags for all the products posted, which will show them the product name and its price. If the buyer decides to purchase the item, they would then click on the “shop now” button, which will take them to the product page and allow them to complete the purchase without having to leave the app. Quick, easy, and convenient.


Volt Africa makes shopping easier 

With social media at the forefront, we know how important it is to make an impact and truly stand out amongst your competitors on a platform flooded with millions of users. This is why our content team’s aim is to create and develop only the best social media strategies that are bound to get you results. 

Equipped with the necessary tools, our team of content writers, content managers, and community managers can not only create and develop content that aligns with your business but also gathers insights and data of the people that interact with your brand, giving an indication of who your consumers are and what they are interested in.


Open up an Instagram shop today, contact us to find out how.