A strong, effective, and impactful content strategy needs to cut through the noise. Your brand strategy and content strategy are symbiotic, meaning they go hand-in-hand. This essentially means that for your content strategy to be executed, your brand strategy needs to inform your content strategy because they both serve the same goal of growing and strengthening your brand.

When you build a house, the first step would be to create and follow a blueprint. Think of your brand strategy as the blueprint. It indicates who, what and how you intend to speak to your audience. Then think of your content strategy as the tools you use to execute your brand strategy. It indicates who your brand is and what your brand is about. Your business is the
house and it needs a blueprint as the foundation for growth.

While most people believe that content marketing and content strategies are the same things, a content strategy goes far beyond the extent of a marketing strategy. A content strategy contains the essential plans for the creation and publication of the content.

Creating content isn’t anything new but creating relevant content is and it’s a key factor to consider. By simply identifying your desired audience and creating content that aligns with your business’ vision as well as the values and goals of your audience, you’ll be opening your business up to more growth opportunities.

By creating content that your audience finds valuable, it will not only attract a wider audience but it will also reach and curate more quality leads and consumers. Creating consistent, valuable content also creates conversion rates that are nearly 6 times that of businesses who don't.

Volt Africa can do it, because we put our backs into it !

Consisting of a team of diligent and skilled copywriters, content managers, and social media managers, we’re able to invest our time and resources into creating content strategies that will produce leads for conversions in the long run.

By creating content that is relevant to your brand and audience, we’re able to give your targeted audience insight into your company’s personality, which in turn builds your brand’s awareness and engages potential leads.

Our creative and research-based strategies allow us to not only create optimised quality content but also content that builds and fosters your brand’s credibility. Choose Volt Africa today and let us create content that leaves a long-lasting impression.